Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited To Conserve, Protect and Restore North America's Coldwater Fisheries and Their Watersheds
Casting Platform
at Songo Locks
Doing It


Our mission is to conserve, protect and restore Maine’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds in Western Maine.

"Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world.

It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way.
A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself

that are deeper than the ordinary self." —Ted Hughes

Mollyockett TU Education

May 28th, 2014, 9am–2:30pm

Students from Oxford Hills at Agassiz Village Camp


May 31st, 2014, 8am-1pm

1st Annual Norway Family Fishing Festival


June 1st, 2014, 7:30am—2pm

Students from Suncook School to be in Lovell


June 7th, 2014, 9am—2pm

Bryant Pond 4H Camp Open House


September 28th—October 5th, 2014

Fryeburg Fair, youth fly tying & education

Volunteers to staff booth are needed.  

Non-members OK, too.


Ongoing Youth Education: Bryant Pond 4H Camp

Fishing Camps: First three weeks in July of 2014


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If you would like to get involved in the Mollyockett Chapter of Trout Unlimited, please become a member of Trout Unlimited and get in touch with us here at our Maine Chapter.


Western Maine Fly Fishing Expo

STAY TUNED for the 2015 Expo next March!


We had a great Expo this year on March 22nd, 2014
 at the Bethel Inn here in Maine. We'll have photos
and an update of the conference up on the website soon.


Veterans Casting Platform at Songo Locks, Naples, Maine

George Westerberg from Mollyockett Chapter of TU recognized a need to create a fishing opportunity for our enlisted and veteran military members. The permits necessary for this vision have been procured and a design created. Next is to raise $80k to make this a reality.



In our efforts to conserve, preserve and restore Maine's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds, the burden is great and falls on a few. Please join us to help tackle the needs and threats to keeping our waterways clean, healthy and abundant. For more information, please email, call us at 207-743-9808, or go onto Facebook and leave a comment.



Our mission is to conserve, protect and restore Maine’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. We do this with five Maine chapters and about 1500 member-volunteers, through on-the-ground restoration projects, advocacy for the waters we love, and education. Maine is home to the nation’s last Atlantic salmon, the last native landlocked salmon and to more than 97% of the nation’s native and wild brook trout ponds.